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One-Stop-Shop pour les solutions VR/Documentation 3D, collaboration vidéo, télé-assistance et accessoires High-Tech.

Matterport gives everyone the power to take their spaces online. Turn any home, high-rise, hotel, or any physical space into a dimensionally accurate 3D digital twin with any compatible camera, including the phone in your pocket.

The World's Smallest Action Camera. Insta360 GO 2 is the tiny mighty action camera. Waterproof, rugged and no bigger than your thumb. Mount or wear it anywhere and shoot hands free.

Kingston manufactures product solutions vital to technology infrastructures designed by businesses and used by individuals every day. Kingston’s commitment to engineering-expertise, reliability, quality, and service has held the trust of customers and partners for over 30 years.

TeamViewer. Your Remote Desktop and Support Powerhouse.

  • 2.5+ Billion Connected Devices.

  • 40+ Million Sessions Daily.

  • > 200 Million Active Users.

iPad & Tablet Keyboard Cases

Unleash your productivity on your iPad or tablet with Bluetooth pairing, backlit keys, and durable, detachable protective cases.

Empowering Leaders in Enterprise VR.

Le nouveau Pico Neo 3 pro eye.Un casque de Réalité Virtuelle tout-en-un pour les entreprises.

Système Eye Tracking-suivi oculaire- utile à la collecte de donnée des entreprises.

The Thinnest Portable Hard Drive of Its Kind. The Bolt B75 Pro Portable SSD is the perfect companion.

With USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, massive storage up to 2TB, and read and write speeds up to 520 and 420 MB/s, respectively, you can access your data quickly. All while keeping it safe within an anodized case that's military-grade shockproof, scratchproof, and fingerprint-resistant. Models are available in the following capacities: 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB.

HyperX is a gaming gear brand committed to making sure every gamer feels they are included. No matter who you are, or what you play, WE'RE ALL GAMERS.

If you're looking for the latest gaming accessories and peripherals, look no further than HyperX. Choose from a variety of headsets, keyboards, Mice & More.

Windows collaboration display from Sharp

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is a next generation 4K 70” interactive display, meeting the Microsoft specifications.

Let’s say you want to create an effective space for people to collaborate. Where do you start? The modern meeting space often includes an interactive display board, a camera, proper microphones and speakers, and a laptop with casting software. Now, with the Windows collaboration display from Sharp, you get everything needed for great audio, video and collaboration built into the display, providing a simple, integrated solution to the challenge of meeting room complexity.

RealWear Navigator 500

Fully optimized for hands-free use, RealWear Navigator 500 is an innovative platform solution that combines hardware, software, and cloud-ready services with a rugged design that is one-third lighter and slimmer than the previous generation, making it easier for frontline workers to wear the device for their entire shift. The hardware is designed as a modular platform with an upgradeable 48 megapixel (MP) camera system, a truly hot-swappable battery, with Wi-Fi, and an optional 4G (and soon-to-be-available 5G) modem. The voice-controlled user interface includes unique noise-cancelation technology designed for high-noise environments. RealWear has more than 200 optimized partner apps supporting a variety of use cases, such as remote collaboration, guided workflow and IoT and AI data visualization.

KIOXIA SSD (Solid State Drive) for Business

KIOXIA Enterprise SSDs equip the flash memory and controller developed by KIOXIA and designed for traditional servers and storage, delivering high performance and reliability for mission critical systems.